IceCOLD® is certified by the following:


Uptime Institute

The Nation of Australia

General Services Administration (Awarded to IceCOLD in proxy by the United States Government)

Queensland Transport and Logistics Council

Global Best of Green

The Dominican Republic

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Gulf Cooperation Council

Awarded by America's Oil Producing Allys in the Middle East


IceCOLD® is a registered, copyrighted trademark in the USA, Canada, and other countries.  Copyright IceCOLD Technologies, 2003-2014.  The inventor is an ASRAE member.

What is Oil Fouling?


What is IceCOLD?

IceCOLD Technology

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Better Business Bureau

We have an A+ Accredidation.  This is not just an approval, but equal to a recommendation.

IceCOLD® saves you money because it reduces your energy costs, and it extends the life of your compressor system.

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